Creating AI Explainer Videos

Tools used:

  • – Claude2 model by Anthropic



[00:00:00] How’s it going, George from I also have whole, well, I’m going to do a quick example of how I’m going to use cause writer to actually create the following article, but. This is entirely written. So this is all about the Facebook recent changes, and I’ve got a YouTube video and I got AI and all of this was quickly generated by. Me using AI and, and creating a video that has a. AI speaking and overlay. I just want to show you how this. Starts from an article. So I have an article I’m going to go grab all that text. So I grab all that text and then I jump into cause writer, which has.

[00:00:45] And many different custom AI bots in it. And one of them is a large context window Claude model, where I pop in to the Claude and model usually. Correct. Never in doubt. And I tell it the following summarize key points of this article, and then it has at it. Yes, there’s extra prompts behind this, but that’s part of this whole tool. So in it goes, I paste that in. It comes back with my key points. I’m like, oh great. Thanks, Matt is going to stop covering donation fees after October 31st under is going to have the option to cover fees. All right. That’s something. I got some dev work. Ignore that. All right. Explain why this matters to nonprofits. So I’m prompting another reply to happen in here where it’s going to summarize the key points, but also with the. Toward that audience. All right. We need to take action to do these terms and make sure you don’t have any disruption to service grades seem to cover those points. Ignore the dev stuff. And then turn this into a YouTube script that has a quality hook and retains attention to the end. Okay. Great. So I get my script. And I’m going to go ahead and. Grab all that. Gotcha. Now here is the next step. We’re going to pop over to D hyphen ID. So and go in and we paste our script. Great. We’re going to choose a voice we’re going to choose. So hypothetically, we could just have me talking and doing it, but I that’s, that’s what I do. I wanted not me to do it. So he choose. You know, somebody else in here to, to do it, we’ll choose different characters. Whoever show. Be named we can choose different styles. No, we’re not doing terrified. We’re going to go cheerful. And so there we go. We have the script audio, and it goes about doing it. And what we end up with. Is I’m just going to speed it to the next step. Is this, this video. So we get a. Guy speaking through.

[00:02:38] All right. So we download that. The thing is that’s just going to give us this square video. And so what we need to do is go into Descript, wait for it. Okay, Descript, which is a great editing tool locally on your drive. And you see, I popped in the actual video and then I did a screen recording, much like I’m doing a screen record right now of what’s going on in, in Facebook. And I can edit through it. I also add in the text. So this text is got this dynamic inserted text, which is pretty cool. And I will show you right here.

[00:03:16] So this text. There’s a title. We pop it in and the captions. I said it to captions. So it goes through that and then just for fun. And then the effects I go to the The style, which is active word highlight, which I really like. It just like pops over. The highlighted words. As, as they kind of go through and that’s, that’s how you get that different effect.

[00:03:38] And all I’m doing is just screen recording here and giving that as a record. So I hit record.

[00:03:45] This is getting very meta about Meta, about Meta, but I hit those. I do a screen record. And then I can do just a display screen. And that goes about it, but I’m going to make this thing very angry. If I do a screen report within the screen in court, of course, to go to publish export. And then clearly from there, all we we end up with is a. Video that, you know, I just posted a recently, you know, 0.3 hours, which a viewing time, which is longer than the amount of time and take me may need to create it. So on this page again, you’ve got the elements where I created that article and then I turned it into a YouTube script and then I gave it to an AI to do a summary of that. And then I put it into YouTube and then. Ah, disrupts and then they’re okay. Again, We love. Building these types of things. And as a reminder, we try to continue to build out the the, the library of courses. So, one of the things that even though we’re not just all our tool all the time, but we love building out our own library because these things change and there’s new tactics.

[00:04:43] And I think this is a huge tactic for quickly turning out. The types of video content at scale. I’ll say like decent. Quality and we continue to do so. Let us know how this goes for you. And check out calls, writer that AI, if you are a social impact organization, interested in leveraging AI. All right. Take care.