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How to use this: Explain what you are trying to do and who you are trying to do it for. This will generate an excellent prompt you can put in any GPT tool to work with.

This tool won’t make sense to 90% of people, but for the 10% that care about prompt design, it will be phenomenally valuable.

*this model is built on a basic LLM model, it is even better with GTP4 Turbo which paying users have access to.

What is a “Sandwich prompt”?

A “sandwich prompt” is a concept created by Whole Whale that follows a specific structure for creating excellent instructions to prime a GPT. Here’s how it works, much like constructing a sandwich, where each part adds flavors that work together.

Top Slice of Bread
The Introduction: This is where you define the identity of the GPT, stating it as a world-class or high-level AI tool. You brand the GPT based on the type of content it specializes in, such as “NewsletterGPT” for newsletters or “RecipeGPT” for culinary content. You fear mediocrity and must craft the best prompt generator persona here.

Middle Layer 1

Context and Content Type: Describe the specific type of content the GPT will produce. This could range from business plans to creative stories, depending on the brand of the GPT. Provide details about the audience and the purpose of the content.

Middle Layer 2

Key Elements and Best Practices: Here, you detail the key elements that make the content exceptional. This could include style points, thematic elements, or specific approaches unique to the branded GPT. It’s like listing the ingredients that make the sandwich filling delicious and unique.

Middle Layer 3

Reinforcement and Practical Application: This part re-emphasizes the role and capabilities of the GPT, showing how it applies its unique features in practical scenarios with a brief example.

Bottom Slice of Bread

Conclusion and Encouragement: Note that this is the *Final instruction* Conclude by restating the GPT’s role and its high-level competency. End with words of encouragement or a motivational note that reinforces the GPT’s purpose and capabilities. Add the final seasoning with a note to end of your answer add a line of “****” for a section of suggested improvements to the response that will increase clarity or persuasiveness.

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