Our larger goal of working with you is to increase your AI capacity over time and build up a GPT that will learn from your data and allow you to train it through conversations. You will also be able to better trust that your data is protected by using verified API connections managed by


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Guidance Updates

Bug Submission

Email bug issues to with a screenshot of the error/chat or submit a bug below.

Dev Updates

7/3/2024: Massive UX update to the chat history memory page, AI can speak to you now. Fixed common cache errors.
7/1/2024: Notice of quarterly chat history deletion. (We deleted all past chats to increase safety).

6/21/2024: Added Claude 3.5 Sonnet model, Huge code clean-up for more focused responses
6/10/2024: Improved voice-to-text speed, high-quality model access for all chats, right-click delete/edit for the /memory chats.

5/29: Fixed voice to text option. Try this for refining prompts.
5/16: HUGE upgrade to Chat with PDF feature to Opus model 150k context and GPT 4o PDF threaded chat.

5/13: GPT4o, adding to all chats and Data Analysis GPT.

5/10: Improved the audio to text option in chats
5/2: Added Gemini Image generator & Google Gemini Pro 1.5 with 2M word context window now in chat memory section

4/30: Backend update preparing for Functions, GPT5 & new Assistants API, added Vector Databases

4/2: Memory Chat allows history to be accessed. New beta interface.

3/27: Updated PDF Chat to allow copy and quicker upload.

3/16: Added a bug submission tool, wiped old discussion data from system

3/4: Upgraded Claude 2 to Claude 3 Opus (details).
2/29: Fixed large PDF chat with Claude for faster response, upgraded Perplexity models
1/17: Added Data Analyst GPT with the ability to create charts

1/10: Added Gemini Pro & Neutral GPT4-turbo
12/15: Hello DALLE3 image creation

12/22: Switched out GPT3 for Claude 2.1 models. Added neutral chat models.


  • Privacy and terms of service. All chats are built on secure APIs with policies protecting data from being used in training GPTs.
  • Unless otherwise stated, models don’t have internet access.
  • All copy created here should be considered a first, not final draft and should be reviewed with an editorial and fact-checking eye.
  • Updates are made regularly to this page’s features.

Creative Writers

These are 96k-word GPT4 Turbo model and Claude models.

  • Build a Persona
  • Video Script
  • Social media
  • Pixar Story
  • Writer Unblock
  • Ad Concepts

Build a donor persona then chat with it to create or revise appeals.

Claude Model

This GPT can help turn articles into video scripts. You can use tools like to then narrate this script.

Claude model

Social media creator, this GPT can also interpret images uploaded.

Claude model

Writes in the style of Pixar story spine.

Claude model

Let this AI know where you are in the process and go from there.

Claude model

Creative Ad Campaign Consultant
Model: Claude 3.5, Context: 120k words
Use: This can help with creative naming, advising on campaign ideas, and iteration on ad copy.

Research Assistant GPT
Model: Perplexity, Context: 26k words, Internet access
Use: ask for some research about the ad concept, cause, or market you are planning around.

General Writers

These GPT4 turbo and Claude models that should write like your organization. These models have a 96k-word limit.

  • Copywriter AI
  • Newsletter writer
  • Exec Summary

Ad copywriter AI built with GPT 4

Claude Model

Newsletter writer.

Claude Model

This GPT is trained to give short executive summaries of larger documents. Can be used to create quick summaries for board members based on program reports.

Claude model

Advanced Models

  • SEO Helper
  • LInkedin Analyzer
  • NGO Benchmarks
  • grant writer

SEO support to come up with keywords, create titles, review content with an SEO eye and create FAQs based on content. FAQ content can be great to add to the bottom of certain pages to increase discoverability.

Web-accessible AI (Perplexity ai)
This model has access to most websites (though many news sites are blocked). You can use it to evaluate your website pages and come up with ideas. This model has a 3k word context window so don’t expect too much.

Build a brand summary from a LinkedIn profile URL. Paste a URL and explain if you want social post ideas, pitch emails or other creative. This Perplexity AI model has access to the internet but it has a smaller 3k word context window.

Grant Proposal AI
Model: Claude 3.5, 120k word limit
Use: Share details about the grant, create an outline, then work through the questions. Quality will be much better if you work iteratively.

Online Grant Researcher

Online Grant Researcher GPT

Model: Perplexity AI, 25k word limit, internet accessible

Use: Share the grant or foundation you are researching for some additional details on ways to approach funding.

The models above this line have been trained for your organization and have additional context. But sometimes you don’t want that, the models below are neutral, they are blank and neutral with no pre-prompting.

Neutral GPTs

Oh. hey this moved to the memory chat

Chat with PDF or Data

Data Analyst GPT (beta)

This GPT4 Assistant can analyze documents, it does better with CSVs and can create charts and do data exploration. Be patient, this tool may take time to process, especially larger ones.

Opus Large PDF Chat 150k-word

This is a Claude Opus model that allows for summarization and chat with a PDF doc. Be patient if you are dealing with large documents please.

GPT-4o PDF Chat 96k-word

This GPT-4o will let you upload a PDF with the Image icon and then have a threaded chat with the document. Keep in mind the longer the conversation the more this chat may wander due to context window limits.


Describe the image you'd like created. These models are pulled from various LLMs, if there is one you like more let us know and we can improve the performance. Here is a video if you want to see one of the ways Whole Whale uses this.
Have a creative block? Chat with this image prompt expert :)

DALLE3 Image Creator:

Gemini Image Creator:

DALLE3 with creative settings


AI Tech Stack

There are thousands of AI tools. 95% won’t be around in 1 year and many will waste your time. These *probably* won’t and have been curated for our users.
Updated: 12/4