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Current models we build with: Claude Opus, GPT-4o, Gemini 1.5pro, Perplexity, LLAMA3, DALLE3


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What users are saying…

Eric Antebi, Chief Commmunications Officer

California Health Care Foundation | CHCF.org

 The custom AI tool, Causewriter.ai, which Whole Whale tailored for CHCF needs and brand voice, has been an invaluable addition to our team. It has revolutionized how we do routine communications and publishing tasks, saving us a ton of time and helping us optimize our content. Whole Whale also analyzed our risk as AI radically changes the way people seek and find information online. Because of our work, CHCF is now seen as a leader in the practical application of AI for nonprofits. Throughout our engagement with them, Whole Whale was easy to work with, and they went above and beyond to help us find and make best use of available solutions. I couldn’t be more grateful for their always-expanding expertise and thoughtful partnership.”

Chris Barlow | Linkedin
Founder & Happiness Director, Beeline Marketing

Causewriter has saved us hundreds of hours (and therefore five figures of dollars) in the last year. And the content we’ve created – the ad copy, the fundraising emails, the website pages, and more – has all been higher quality than when we worked with a copywriter to do it all. It’s a no-brainer, valuable tool that we love to use and highly recommend.

Executive director, Small Nonprofit

Your innovative approach to AI has not only streamlined our operations but also opened up new possibilities for us to explore. Aiden (our custom AI) has become an integral part of our team, and I am excited about the potential to deepen our engagement with this technology.