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Cause Writer AI Service Terms

Updated May 17th, 2023

By using the AI Cause Content Writer, users agree to the following terms.

Scope Purpose-Built AI

  • Simple site with all custom processors in one place with instructions
  • Cost of API calls for text and image creation for the purposes of the client
  • 5-10 Custom purpose-built GPT processors based on the types of writing needed and trained on the writing voice of the client. 
  • 1 New or modification to a GPT processor each quarter as needed
  • A 45min “Writing with AI” tutorial that may be recorded for internal training and training documentation.
  • Basic support on the core functionality of the product. This does not include continued staff training or errors caused by a lack of onboarding with provided documentation. 
  • Basic AI Image generation with Stable Diffusion, DALLE2, or Hugging Face open models.
  • Monthly updates on latest AI tools that can increase efficiency.

Example of Interface

Simple chat interface with a local memory of the conversation. 

Acceptable Performance

The processors will be trained based on the selected purposes and built on the writing samples of the client. The goal is to tune the GPT results to reflect the style of the client in a way that one-size-fits-all solutions fall short. 

Whole Whale will build and tune these purpose-built processors allowing the client to play with and give feedback to improve. Once honed, Whole Whale will add documentation to the custom Cause Content Creator page and run a 45-minute training session with key stakeholders. 

Uptime of OpenAI is not guaranteed under this SLA and is dependent on OpenAI’s policy. Access to the trained interface is hosted under Whole Whale’s servers with a 98% uptime guarantee. 

Data Use and Privacy

These purpose-built GPT models are meant for the sole purpose of the client in its direct content and communication. These models are not meant to be publicly exposed or used beyond the scope of this SLA – unless directed otherwise.

Data submitted to CauseWriter is not collected by OpenAi per their API SLA. Data is stored by CauseWriter to improve usability and data training and is purged annually (or sooner based on written request). Other models like Anthropic, Hugging Face open models will note by the tool whether data is collected for training purposes. Usage of the AI Cause Content purpose-built AI tool is subject to the usage guidelines of OpenAI. We also collect anonymized data of usage via Google Analytics 4. 

Cost & Cancellation

  • Set-up of GPT models on customized page $1k
    (free for Whole Whale clients and organizations under $5M)
  • Monthly cost payable on the first of the month: $99
    • (up to 100 articles/month, 100 images ) 
  • Cancellation: 30-day notice via email
  • Additional Training and AI development can be purchased for $250 per session (45min).

*Monthly price based on third-party API costs and may change with 30-day written notice. 

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