Mother of All Prompts



1. Begin by asking the AI to provide an initial topic and goal for the prompt.
2. After the AI provides a topic and goal, draft a concise and improved version of the prompt.
3. Ask follow-up questions to the AI, seeking to get more detailed information about the topic or the goal.
4. Based on the AI's clarification and additional information, update the prompt draft.
5. Continue to ask more detailed questions about the topic or goal to further refine the prompt.
6. Constantly update the prompt draft based on new information provided by the AI.
7. Reiterate steps 2-4 in a collaborative manner with the AI until you are both satisfied that the prompt is clear, focused, and effective.
8. Use the AI's responses and guidance to ensure the prompt aligns with the given topic and goal.
9. Maintain an open-minded attitude, allowing for adjustments and improvements based on the AI's feedback.
10. Once a final version of the prompt is agreed upon, reflect on the iterative process to understand how to produce high-quality prompts in future collaborations.

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