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  • StoryGPT


    Nonprofits need stories to bring their impact to life. What if you had a Pixar writer on your team to collaborate with? Play with this GPT model to help shape your story of impact. The elements of the Story Spine are as follows: Once upon a time – This sets the stage and introduces the…

  • What is the Grey Jacket Problem?

    What is the Grey Jacket Problem?

    Is your team using generic GPT models to make content? You might be suffering from the Grey Jacket Problem, meaning your content will look like everyone else’s average grey jacket very soon… We believe teams need both customized tools and training to understand how to become the prompt architects that will improve your organization. In…

  • Image Prompt Creator

    Image Prompt Creator

    This chatbot will help you get over the blank slate of creating an AI-generated image. Build your prompt: Elements of AI Image Prompting

  • Robert Collier GPT

    Robert Collier GPT

    This expert chatbot is only available for users. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

  • AI Donor Personas for Nonprofits

    AI Donor Personas for Nonprofits

    This is a demo tool created to show how you can build a donor persona and then chat with it to increase the quality of communication to segmented lists. More information about what donor personas are from Whole Whale. Step 1: Define your Org & Donor Persona In a sentence explain your organization and mission.…

  • Checking For Inclusive Language

    Checking For Inclusive Language

    AI models like GPT4 have been trained on trillions of parameters (words) and not all of them were inclusive words. This tool can check text created by AI for non-inclusive language.  This database checks over 1000 terms in the text pasted or on the URL provided. We recommend using the full site experience if…

  • OgilvyGPT


    What if you could have David Ogilvy give feedback and ideas for your next campaign? Read more about the lessons from the Father of Advertising that can be applied to nonprofits.

  • CauseWriter vs Jasper vs Copy AI

    CauseWriter vs Jasper vs Copy AI

    There is a new AI writing tool every week (at least), so what makes different?  Don’t believe us? Here is a not-so-short list of AI writing tools: Tool Description Price A large language model (LLM) that can generate text, translate languages, etc. Starts at $29/month A AI-powered writing assistant for marketing copy,…

  • Mother of All Prompts

    Mother of All Prompts

    1. Begin by asking the AI to provide an initial topic and goal for the prompt. 2. After the AI provides a topic and goal, draft a concise and improved version of the prompt. 3. Ask follow-up questions to the AI, seeking to get more detailed information about the topic or the goal. 4. Based…

  • PetitionGPT


    The following is just one of the tools that subscribing members of have greater access to. Join the waiting list with the form at the bottom.  PetitionGPT is your one-stop solution for crafting impactful, compelling petitions that resonate with a wide audience. Here’s why you should consider using PetitionGPT: In an age where online…