Custom AI Training for Nonprofit Leadership Teams

“Help, we don’t know what we don’t know, but we know we need to…”

– your leadership team

AI Training Description

Generative AI is transforming how we live and work. The current generation of junior employees are already using AI to create content, the question is whether they are doing it in a correct and unique way. It is estimated that GPT tools are generating 4.5bn and 2 million images per day. 

As leaders in the social impact space, it’s critical your team understands how AI may impact your mission and programs.
This online 1-hour training will cover:

  • An overview of AI, machine learning and natural language processing. We’ll demystify the jargon and hype.
  • Examples of how AI is being used by nonprofits today to improve fundraising, program efficacy and more. See real case studies of AI in action.
  • Fundamentals of creating an internal and external policy
  • Risks and ethical considerations of AI that nonprofit leaders must consider. We’ll discuss bias, job disruption and data privacy.
  • Live demos of select an AI tools related to the organization.
  • Q&A – We’ll answer any questions you have about AI and how to develop an AI strategy for your organization.

Your team will walk away with a better understanding of AI, how it may impact your work and initial ideas for how to responsibly implement AI tools to support your mission.


  • Pre-training AI survey
  • 1 hr online training
  • Copy of the training deck
  • Copy of the recording and internal usage rights

About the Trainer: George Weiner is CEO of Whole Whale, a certified B Corporation that has provided digital tools and training for hundreds of nonprofits for over a decade. George has over 15 years of experience helping nonprofits use technology to accelerate their impact.  George is the former CTO of and has built past NLP projects featured by Google Cloud

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