AI Pricing: How to go broke paying for AI



A short story of the true cost of AI for a 10-person company named Blue Dot.

Here is the punchline: it will cost $11,880 per year to add some of the default AI solutions.

Here is how we get there…

Google Gemini Pro

Price: $20/month (or depending on usage)

Why you need it: For businesses, they are charging ~$24 per user per month in the Google Workspace. Access to AI next to your email and docs will be a needed add-on for faster work.

So, for Blue Dot this brings us to $240 per month, $2,880/yr.


Price: $25/month


Why you need it: Access to the most advanced GPT4, DALLE image models, and the GPT store with custom AI applications. Plus potential Sora access.

While it is possible to share the OpenAI plus login, the chat memory ends up getting very confusing and the account will get throttled if multiple people are trying to use it.

For Blue Dot, this means another $250/month, $3k/yr.

Anthropic Claude

Price: $20/mo


Why you need it: This allows your team to have access to massive context window for large amounts of text. The model is also better trained for business purposes with one of the lowest hallucination rates. It also may have better integration to Slack in the near future.

Assume a per user of $20/month, so for Blue Dot this means $200/mo, $2400/yr.

Microsoft Copilot 365

Price: $30/mo per user


Why you need it: If your team works on local documents, uses One Drive, or deals with code this becomes a needed addition. Plus this gives access to privacy on leading search-enabled AI. Even if you are paying for Google Gemini, your team will want to have access to AI assistants that live alongside these tools.

For Blue Dot it means another $300/mo, $3,600/yr.

The Takeaway

That is how you get to ~$11,880 per year or ~$1k a month. And this doesn’t include other fun AI tools like,, 11labs audio and other AI platform add-ons.

But what if you could get access to all of these GPTs with one login, one price?

For $99/month per company, customizes AI chats that know your company and use cases. We then connect our customers to leading LLMs from OpenAI, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude,, and image generators like DALLE3.

Pro vs Con Considerations for Company-wide AI

When evaluating the use of AI tools like Google Gemini or Microsoft Copilot for your business, it’s beneficial to consider the advantages and potential drawbacks each may bring. Below is a general pro-con list that applies to both AI solutions, with a focus on what businesses might experience when integrating these tools into their workflows:


  1. Enhanced Productivity: Both tools promise to improve efficiency by automating routine tasks, which can free up time for staff to focus on more complex and creative work.
  2. Seamless Integration: Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot are designed to integrate smoothly with their respective ecosystems, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, providing a cohesive user experience.
  3. Data Security and Privacy: These tools are developed by reputable companies with stringent security measures, ensuring that sensitive business data is handled securely.
  4. Innovation Access: Early adopters of these AI solutions may gain access to cutting-edge features and updates, potentially giving them a competitive edge.
  5. Centralized Management: Both solutions offer centralized control over AI interactions, which can be critical for maintaining oversight and consistency in how AI is used across the company.
  6. Standardization of Tools: By providing a standardized AI tool, businesses can avoid the fragmentation and risks associated with employees using a variety of personal AI solutions.


  1. Cost Implications: The subscription costs for these AI solutions can accumulate, especially for larger teams, and may not always correlate with the value received as technology evolves and prices fluctuate.
  2. Over-Reliance on One Ecosystem: Committing to a single AI provider can limit exposure to diverse AI innovations and may make it difficult to switch to different solutions in the future.
  3. Operational Complexity: Integrating AI into all aspects of a business’s operations can potentially lead to confusion and a steep learning curve for staff.
  4. Loss of Unique Communication: There is a risk that relying on AI for communications could result in a loss of personalized interaction and brand distinctiveness.
  5. Early Adopter Risks: New technologies are often accompanied by bugs and unforeseen issues. Being among the first to implement these AI tools could expose a business to these risks.

In summary, Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot offer the potential for significant productivity gains and improved efficiency through their integration into business processes. However, considerations around cost, ecosystem lock-in, complexity, brand uniqueness, and the risks associated with early adoption must be carefully weighed.

For organizations that prioritize maintaining a distinct voice and creating content that stands out, a specialized AI solution like might be a more appropriate choice, offering custom AI writing capabilities that align closely with an organization’s unique mission and values. If you’re interested in a tailored AI writing tool that safeguards your brand’s integrity, you can sign up for using the form below.

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