AI Donor Personas for Nonprofits



This is a demo tool created to show how you can build a donor persona and then chat with it to increase the quality of communication to segmented lists. More information about what donor personas are from Whole Whale.

Step 1: Define your Org & Donor Persona

In a sentence explain your organization and mission. Then outline with general details the type of donor profile you’d like personified and hit submit. Something like:
“ is a safe, creative, free place for youth poetry. We serve young people but we are trying to reach moms that may want to donate to support the arts. “

Step 2: Role-play with AI

Great, once you are happy with your donor persona, time to chat with the AI as that character.
Fun questions to ask:

  • Of these two messages, which do you prefer, why?
  • Create a social post about x that would get you to share
  • What are 3 simple activities that we could ask you to do that would connect you more to the organization. These activities must be able to be done remotely.
  • Write an email donation subject line and copy that you would open.

What if you had a page of AI bots with your org’s personas to help your team refine messaging?

This is just one of the things we help teams build.

There is a lot more that is possible.

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