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Elements of AI Image Prompting

  1. Objective Definition:
    • Clearly define the purpose of the image. What is the intended use? What message or emotion should it convey?
  2. Subject Detailing:
    • Specify the main subject(s) of the image. Who or what should be included?
    • Describe the physical characteristics, such as size, color, species, etc.
  3. Context Setting:
    • Set the scene. Where is the subject located? What is the environment or background?
    • Describe the time of day, weather conditions, or any other relevant atmospheric details.
  4. Action Description:
    • If the subject is performing an action, describe it in detail. What are they doing? How are they interacting with their environment or other subjects?
  5. Style and Aesthetic Preferences:
    • Specify the desired artistic style (e.g., realistic, cartoonish, abstract).
    • State any color schemes or artistic techniques to be used.
  6. Technical Specifications:
    • Define the image’s resolution, dimensions, and orientation.
    • Specify any limitations or requirements for the image’s composition.
  7. Iterative Feedback Loop:
    • Use the generated image to refine the prompt, adding or subtracting details as needed.

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