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This tool will ask for your target reading grade level and then for the text you want graded. It should return the grade score and some suggestions.

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How this works

This AI follows the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level . Here is how it is calculated:

0.39 x (Average Sentence Length) + 11.8 x (Average Syllables per Word) – 15.59

Here’s how it works:

  • Average Sentence Length (ASL): Calculate the total number of words in your text and divide it by the number of sentences. This gives you the average number of words per sentence.
  • Average Syllables per Word (ASW): Count the total number of syllables in your text and divide it by the number of words. This gives you the average number of syllables per word.
  • Plug these values into the formula: Once you have your ASL and ASW, simply substitute them into the formula and calculate the result.

The resulting number corresponds to the estimated US grade level required to understand the text. For example, a score of 8.5 indicates that the text is roughly equivalent to the reading level of an 8th grader.


Why Grade-level matters

writing content at an 8th-grade reading level is crucial for nonprofits for a few key reasons:

First, it ensures the content is as accessible and understandable as possible. Nonprofits serve diverse communities with varying literacy levels. Keeping content straightforward allows it to resonate with more people.

Second, lower grade-level writing tends to be more scannable and actionable. Nonprofit content often aims to educate or spur people to act. Dense text full of complex words and sentences makes that harder. Clear, simple language drives better results.

And third, it reflects our philosophy of maximizing resources for maximum impact. Writing at an 8th-grade level allows nonprofits to communicate their mission efficiently without getting bogged down in verbose text. It’s an effective use of their limited content resources.

There is a lot more that is possible.

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