DonationPage GPT Grader



Upload a screenshot of your donation page to get started.


  1. Upload a Screenshot To begin, upload a clear screenshot of your organization’s current donation page. Make sure the entire page is visible in the screenshot.
  2. Analysis and Scoring FundraiserGPT will analyze the screenshot based on key criteria for effective donation pages:
  • Motivation (Emotional Appeal, Visuals, Clear Call to Action)
  • Ease of Use (Navigation, Form Simplicity, Mobile Optimization)
  • Perceived Ability (Trust Indicators, Payment Options, Progress Indicators)

A detailed score out of 100 will be provided, broken down by each criterion.

  1. Review Recommendations Along with the scores, FundraiserGPT will provide specific recommendations to enhance your donation page’s effectiveness. These may include suggestions for:
  • Improving emotional appeal and storytelling
  • Optimizing visuals and multimedia
  • Strengthening calls to action
  • Streamlining navigation and form fields
  • Ensuring mobile responsiveness
  • Building trust through testimonials, security badges, etc.
  • Offering convenient payment options
  • Implementing progress indicators

FundraiserGPT is here to provide expert guidance and actionable insights to help your non-profit create a compelling, user-friendly donation experience. Don’t hesitate to resubmit and seek further recommendations as you refine your approach.

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