Nonprofits need stories to bring their impact to life. What if you had a Pixar writer on your team to collaborate with?

Play with this GPT model to help shape your story of impact.

The elements of the Story Spine are as follows:

Once upon a time – This sets the stage and introduces the main character(s) and their initial situation or context.

Every day – Describes the regular routine or the status quo of the main character’s life before the main events of the story.

But one day – Introduces a triggering event that disrupts the status quo.

Because of that – Details the consequences or initial reactions that stem from the triggering event.

Because of that – Continues to trace the chain of cause and effect as the character(s) take action or events unfold.

Because of that – Further expands on the actions and reactions, showing how the story progresses through additional challenges or developments.

Until finally – Leads to the climax of the story where a significant change or resolution occurs.

And ever since then – Provides the conclusion and shows the new status quo or the lesson learned from the story, sometimes ending with a moral.

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