This GPT will help map out a great welcome series email plan.

This WelcomeSeriesGPT is built with Anthropic Haiku based on the Whole Whale custom approach to creating a welcome series email campaign. We love building custom tools that can be improved with your nonprofit’s brand and data for internal use.

Here’s how users can chat with the WelcomeSeriesBuilderGPT to create an engaging welcome email series for their nonprofit:

  1. Provide Context: Start by sharing details about your nonprofit’s mission, the goals for the welcome series, and the key elements you’d like to cover – such as introducing your organization, evoking emotional connections, providing calls-to-action, educating subscribers, and offering engagement opportunities.

Example: “Our nonprofit focuses on providing clean water access to underserved communities. We’re looking to create a 5-part welcome email series for new subscribers that will introduce our mission, share inspiring stories, and invite them to get involved.”

  1. Outline the Content: Discuss the specific elements you’d like to include in the welcome series, such as personalization, storytelling, clear calls-to-action, educational content, and engagement opportunities.

Example: “For the first email, I’d like a warm, personalized introduction that shares the story of a community member whose life was transformed by our work. The second email should focus on the emotional impact of our mission and include a donate button. The third email should educate subscribers about our history and programs, while the fourth should invite them to attend an upcoming volunteer event.”

  1. Request Sample Emails: Ask the WelcomeSeriesBuilderGPT to provide sample email content for each stage of the welcome series, incorporating the key elements you’ve discussed.

Example: “Can you please provide sample email content for the first three emails in the series, following the structure we just outlined?”

  1. Review and Provide Feedback: Once you receive the sample emails, review them and provide any feedback or adjustments you’d like the WelcomeSeriesBuilderGPT to make.

Example: “The first email looks great, but could we add a call-to-action to learn more about our mission on the website? For the second email, the story is powerful, but the donate button could be more prominent.”

  1. Finalize the Welcome Series: Work with the WelcomeSeriesBuilderGPT to refine the email content until you’re satisfied with the complete welcome series.

Example: “The welcome series looks fantastic! I’m confident these emails will help us engage our new subscribers and turn them into dedicated supporters of our cause.”

Remember, the WelcomeSeriesBuilderGPT is here to collaborate with you and ensure that your nonprofit’s welcome email series is personalized, impactful, and aligned with your organization’s goals. Don’t hesitate to provide detailed feedback and guidance throughout the process.

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