Youtube Script Scorecard



Before you invest in creating that next video, consider getting a scorecard across a range of factors that make a successful video.

The YouTube score breakdown

Title Score

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is the title engaging and attention-grabbing?
    • Does it clearly reflect the video’s content?
    • Does it include relevant keywords for SEO?

Hook (First 3 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Does the hook grab attention immediately?
    • Is it intriguing or surprising?
    • Does it clearly state a problem or promise a benefit?

Introduction (First 10-15 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is the presenter introduced clearly and engagingly?
    • Is the topic of the video made clear?
    • Does it set up the viewer’s expectation effectively?

Conflict Presentation (First 30 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is the problem or challenge stated clearly?
    • Does it resonate with the audience’s pain points or interests?
    • Is it compelling enough to keep the viewer interested?

Stakes (20-30 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Are the consequences of not solving the problem clear?
    • Do they feel urgent and significant?
    • Is the viewer motivated to keep watching to find the solution?

Solution Promise (15-20 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is there a clear promise of a solution or insight?
    • Does it build anticipation for the main content?
    • Is it believable and attainable?

Content Delivery (3-5 minutes)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Are the steps or tips clear and actionable?
    • Does each point flow logically to the next?
    • Are real-world examples, stats, tools, or case studies used effectively?
    • Are visuals and graphics enhancing the understanding of the content?

“Aha Moment” and Educational Component

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is there a genuine “aha moment” that provides new insights or understanding?
    • Is educational content presented clearly and effectively?
    • Are real data, stats, or case studies shared to back up points?
    • Does the information provided feel valuable and actionable?

Conflict Resolution (1-2 minutes)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is the solution or resolution presented clearly and convincingly?
    • Are the steps shown to resolve the initial conflict or problem?
    • Does it leave the viewer feeling empowered to take action or more informed?

Call to Action (30 seconds)

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Is the call to action clear and compelling?
    • Are viewers encouraged to engage (like, comment, subscribe, donate, share)?
    • Does it guide viewers to additional resources or next steps?

Overall Flow and Engagement

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Does each sentence or segment draw you in and flow to the next?
    • Is the pacing appropriate and engaging throughout?
    • Does the script maintain the viewer’s interest from start to finish?

Checklist for Positioning the Payoff:

  • Rating (1-5):
    • Ensure the payoff (solution or key message) is clear and positioned towards the end but teased early on.
    • Reiterate the stakes before presenting the solution to heighten the impact.
    • Make the payoff actionable and straightforward to implement or understand.

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