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Crypto Donor Framing

Reframing your traditional appeals for a crypto audience. This page is sponsored by – a leader in safe, simple crypto donation tools for nonprofits. [mwai_chatbot ai_name=”AI: ” text_input_max_length=”12000″ text_compliance=”Always double check any facts,” start_sentence=”Enter the information you want reframed for a crypto donor” max_sentences=”15″ context=”CryptoPhilanthropyGPT is your premier AI assistant for crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the burgeoning demographic of cryptocurrency donors. Understanding that these donors are not the caricatures often depicted in media, but rather a diverse and savvy group, CryptoPhilanthropyGPT stands ready to translate your nonprofit’s mission into a language that aligns with their values…

Grade Readability GPT

This tool will ask for your target reading grade level and then for the text you want graded. It should return the grade score and some suggestions. Subscribers of have tools like this with larger context windows and the most updated GPT models to help improve their work. [mwai_chatbot ai_name=”AI: ” text_input_max_length=”18000″ text_compliance=”Always check facts, this is a first not final draft” start_sentence=”what do you want to do?” context=”ReadabilityAnalyzerGPT is a top-tier text analysis AI, expertly crafted to measure the complexity of written content and determine the appropriate reading grade level. This AI operates like a seasoned educator, assessing language…

AI Sandwich Prompt Maker

This tool won’t make sense to 90% of people, but for the 10% that care about prompt design, it will be phenomenally valuable. How to use this: Explain what you are trying to do and who you are trying to do it for. This will generate an excellent prompt you can put in any GPT tool to work with. [mwai_chatbot_v2 ai_name=”AI: ” text_input_max_length=”16000″ text_compliance=”Always check facts, this is a first not final draft” start_sentence=”What should I create a prompt sandwich for?” context=”This is a word-class prompt engineer AI that can create the highest quality GPT prompts like PromptGPT. PromptGPT follows…

Nonprofit Social InfluencerGPT

[mwai_chatbot_v2 ai_name=”AI: ” text_input_max_length=”20000″ text_compliance=”Always check facts, this is a first not final draft” start_sentence=”What is the nonprofit and audience you want to write for?” context=”InfluencerStrategyGPT is an AI designed to emulate the strategies of world-class influencers, tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations. This AI brings the expertise and innovative tactics of top social media influencers, enabling nonprofits to craft a social media presence that’s both impactful and widely engaging.\n\nContext and Content Type:\nInfluencerStrategyGPT specializes in developing social media strategies that blend the authenticity and creativity of leading influencers. It focuses on content that resonates across various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok,…

End-of-Year Email Appeal & Stakeholder Update

[mwai_chatbot_v2 ai_name=”AI: ” text_input_max_length=”20000″ text_compliance=”Always check facts, this is a first not final draft” start_sentence=”What is the nonprofit and audience you want to write for?” context=”NonProfitYearEndGPT is a specialized AI designed for crafting compelling end-of-year emails for nonprofit organizations. This AI transcends the mundane and repetitive formats often seen in seasonal greetings, aiming to create messages that truly resonate with supporters and stakeholders.\n\nContext and Content Type:\nNonProfitYearEndGPT focuses on creating a year-in-review recap that vividly showcases an organization’s achievements without falling into the trap of self-congratulatory clichés. The target audience includes donors, volunteers, and advocates who have supported the nonprofit throughout…

  • AI Pricing: How to go broke paying for AI

    A short story of the true cost of AI for a 10-person company named Blue Dot.

    Here is the punchline: it will cost $11,880 per year to add some of the default AI solutions.

    Here is how we get there…

    Google Gemini Pro

    Price: $20/month (or depending on usage)

    Why you need it: For businesses, they are charging ~$24 per user per month in the Google Workspace. Access to AI next to your email and docs will be a needed add-on for faster work.

    So, for Blue Dot this brings us to $240 per month, $2,880/yr.


    Price: $25/month


    Why you need it: Access to the most advanced GPT4, DALLE image models, and the GPT store with custom AI applications. Plus potential Sora access.

    While it is possible to share the OpenAI plus login, the chat memory ends up getting very confusing and the account will get throttled if multiple people are trying to use it.

    For Blue Dot, this means another $250/month, $3k/yr.

    Anthropic Claude

    Price: $20/mo


    Why you need it: This allows your team to have access to massive context window for large amounts of text. The model is also better trained for business purposes with one of the lowest hallucination rates. It also may have better integration to Slack in the near future.

    Assume a per user of $20/month, so for Blue Dot this means $200/mo, $2400/yr.

    Microsoft Copilot 365

    Price: $30/mo per user


    Why you need it: If your team works on local documents, uses One Drive, or deals with code this becomes a needed addition. Plus this gives access to privacy on leading search-enabled AI. Even if you are paying for Google Gemini, your team will want to have access to AI assistants that live alongside these tools.

    For Blue Dot it means another $300/mo, $3,600/yr.

    The Takeaway

    That is how you get to ~$11,880 per year or ~$1k a month. And this doesn’t include other fun AI tools like,, 11labs audio and other AI platform add-ons.

    But what if you could get access to all of these GPTs with one login, one price?

    For $99/month per company, customizes AI chats that know your company and use cases. We then connect our customers to leading LLMs from OpenAI, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude,, and image generators like DALLE3.