Pre-built LLMs
$49/ month




Check out our full terms of service for more details about the operation.

Can I share a login?

Yup, we aren’t Netflix feel free to share your login across an organization.

What is the cancellation policy? has a 30 day cancellation and you’re set.

Can anyone use this? is designed for social impact organizations and we reserve the right to refuse companies trying to harm others.

What LLMs/AIs/GPTs do you give access to?

We have APIs into every major model on the market and our goals is to connect our users with the best tool for the job.
LLMs include:

  • OpenAI (GPT4) is the current leader in LLMs.
  • Anthropic (Claude) current leader with the largest context window
  • Google (Gemini Pro) emerging leader and showing promise with multimodal
  • LLAMA2 Perplexity current leader in web-accessible chats
  • DALLE3 Image generation (others upon request depending on legal copyright)
  • Mixtral, Dolphin emerging LLMs for code and specific use cases
  • Hazel, so hot right now.

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