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This AI has access to the whole NTC 2024 schedule and can help give you advice on what session may be helpful. Share what you are looking to learn and see what AI has to say about it!

Disclaimer: This chat was not created by NTEN and it may make things up so always check your results. However, we did directly ask permission once this beta was built, even though the data are public. We probably could have scheduled a meeting ahead of time to discuss the way we did in 2023 when we built a version of this.

How we built this:

  • Using GPT Assistants, we uploaded public session information in a formatted way so it could be retrieved.
  • Added prompt instructions that reinforced the purpose of the AI and reminded it of its retrieval abilities, using a sandwich prompt strategy.
  • Used a chat wrapper and called the API request to that GPT Assistant.

This approach uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to add relevant data to a GPT to increase the accuracy of responses.

Wow, there is a lot to learn

Take a second to look at your electrical cord and consider it took 2.5 years for someone to become an electrician.

We’ve only just been handed these AI tools, which means we’re all students right now.

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Check out our Practical AI session:

Practical guide to using artificial intelligence without the pitfalls

How quickly can you identify a stock photo versus one taken from a phone? Probably in under a second, thanks to the brain’s awesome ability to build pattern recognition.

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly ubiquitous in our lives, our collective intelligence around identifying generative AI is currently being built up, so what may seem unique to you will look blatantly AI-generated to this evolving audience. The result: your nonprofit could destroy its relationships.

This isn’t a session meant to scare you off from using AI in your fundraising but rather to help you understand how to use these tools effectively while maintaining your organization’s authenticity. We’ll dive into the potential of AI prompt engineering and share how to leverage it in your mission-driven work effectively. Whether you’re looking to enhance storytelling, generate compelling content, or drive engagement, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the power of AI in making a positive impact. We want to take you on a walk through the AI supermarket and show you how nonprofits can use tech to create compelling content. We’ll also share common pitfalls and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the easy wins for adding artificial intelligence to your internal processes to draft effective content.
  • The basics of smart artificial intelligence prompt engineering to avoid generic copy.
  • Where to be wary about using artificial intelligence in today’s robust AI landscape.


Axel Kaban
Axel Kaban

Director of Analytics & Tech

Whole WhaleAxel is the head of the Analytics & Technology department at Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages data and tech to increase the impact of nonprofits and for-benefit companies. Throughout half a decade in the agency he’s worked between development of individual web products, analytics configurations, configuration strategy, database structuring and engineering, plus client and people management, with the fortune of being able to encounter multiple unique situations and getting to work with amazing organizations in the process. A proponent for education, security, and flexibility in future technologies, Axel is very excited to share what Whole Whale has been working on and been exploring to help nonprofits have a stake in this technology race.

Donna Rae Whitney
Donna Rae Whitney

Director of Digital Strategy & Web

Lung Cancer Foundation of America❑ strong collaborator and team player ❑ great organizational and problem-solving skills ❑ can be revenue/profitability-focused in a creative world ❑ love engaging in the history, stories, and places of the local community ❑ employing zero-waste, enviro-friendly living

Learn how we could build many AI creation tools like this for your organization.

There is a lot more that is possible.

About NTC

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is designed as a comprehensive platform for individuals looking to leverage technology effectively to make the world a better place. It covers various aspects, including fundraising, leadership, digital accessibility, AI utilization, and tackling societal issues like white supremacy within organizational cultures. Specifically, it aims to equip nonprofit professionals with insights, strategies, and tools to address complex challenges through enlightening sessions and workshops.

Birds of a Feather Sessions:

These sessions facilitate casual but focused conversations among attendees sharing common interests or identities. Topics range widely, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in discussions. For instance, sessions include:

  • “Cultural Organizations – memberships donations and ticketing”
  • “Community Centric Fundraising”
  • “Utilizing AI in Marketing”
  • “Women in Nonprofit Tech”
  • “How Can We Avoid Advancing Extremism and Hate with Tech?” among others, enabling peer learning and networking based on shared interests or challenges.
    All Birds of a Feather special events


The NTC 2024 emerges as a pivotal event for nonprofit professionals seeking to navigate the evolving technological landscape responsibly and innovatively. Through its broad spectrum of sessions and the special Birds of a Feather meetings, attendees are poised to gain invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to enhance their impact in making the world better through technology.

For more details about the conference sessions and special events, please visit the official NTEN conference pages:

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